Why Gateway?

Because you have earned it.  Because it’s time to focus on what matters.

Because you are ready to step up to a better lifestyle

Imagine a life where you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful, craftsman-style home. You know and love your neighbors. You’ve embraced the great outdoors in your beautiful backyard, but you don’t have to break your back doing lawn care.

Sound like a dream come true? You might be the perfect fit for the Gateway Communities lifestyle. The people living in our communities want to live a certain way, but don’t want all the hassle associated with having a beautiful and enjoyable home.  They want safety.  They want beauty.  They want convenience.

Here are some of the things that make Gateway Communities truly different from any other community…

A Friendly Community

If you love community, Gateway Communities is a great place for you. Our neighborhoods place an emphasis on the entire family. The clubhouse, walking trails, and the beautiful common areas provide ample opportunities to engage with your neighbors and build a strong community.

A Maintenance-Free Yard

You appreciate the great outdoors, but you don’t want to break your back to tame your gardens. Sound about right? Gateway Communities gets it. At some point, yard work gets to be a chore. You enjoy the community; let gateway maintain the great outdoors!

Lots Of Options

Maybe you want a building all your own… or maybe you’d love to connect with new neighbors. Either way, we will have a floor plan that will work for you. Take some time to look at our floor plans and elevations. You’ll be amazed at how quickly our houses will start to feel like home.

Want to learn more?

We’d love to have you join our community. There are tons of reasons why Gateway Communities could be the perfect fit for you and your family. Would you like to learn more about our homes, our builders, or our community? Let’s sit down and talk so you can start living life the way you’ve always wanted.